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TwitterTrails allows members of the media to analyze the trustworthiness of claims made on Twitter. If you're not a member of the media, but have a claim, an event or meme, or story you'd like us to trail, please submit it here.

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TwitterTrails is able to collect data about claims and events which have been discussed on Twitter in the last week to create visualizations to help understand how Twitter users have reacted to the story. For a more detailed guide to requesting stories, see this blog post.

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Can you provide us with more information about this claim, such as: where you first encountered it, whether it is true or false (if you know this), or sources that verify whether it is true or false.
Search terms
What words, phrases or hashtags should we use as search terms for your story? To improve TwitterTrail's search results, test your search terms using Twitter's Search function. Enter the phrase into Twitter's search, and confirm the results appear relevant to the claim you are researching, and that results from the last week appear . This will result in a better dataset for your story on TwitterTrails.
Do you expect most of the tweets in this story to be in a language other than English?
What language(s) do you expect most of the tweets to be in?

What are some common words used to express doubt/skepticism/disbelief in the expected language(s)? For example, in English datasets, we use words such as hoax, fake, and bogus. Note, you can contact us after the story is ' created to set or modify these terms.
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